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Hi everyone and welcome to Educational Robots website. My passion has been to make learning fun since the early years of childhood.

I was a computer programmer for 39 years and I retired about nine years ago. I did some traveling with my wife, who has not retired yet, and a few months later I found myself not doing anything. It was at that time that my younger brother who was a teacher at the time and in charge of a robotic program in his school asked me if I could help him run the program. So for about seven years, I did help him develop a very comprehensive robotic program in his middle school. When he retired last year, I was really passionate about introducing robotics to children at an early age.

So I started Educational Robots. My goal is to make today’s parents aware of the importance of robotics in today’s education. It will introduce children to the important STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) concepts.

I believe that by making learning fun, at all ages, it will make the child, adolescent, even the adult more interested in being instructed.


I was a computer programmer for 39 years. I believe that with the help of my website, I can offer the proper exposure to educational products, educational robotic kits, to make learning fun for children of all ages.


All the best,


Alfredo A. Gomez


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Alfredo’s site is easy to view and read. The header and content are sleek and simple.
    I can’t wait to learn how to get my site organized that this one.

    I am wondering if you meant to put (2) About Us sections on site.
    That is amazing you know how to put an image of you on Content Page right underneath the About Us page. You also have another About Us on Side Bar,

    Another thing I noticed is the blue writing in side bar. I didn’t know that could be done so I am impressed.

    However, as first I was thinking the blue was a little overwhelming. After looking at it better I think it is the Font Size that makes the writing look crowded.

    It is an interesting read, I am going to check this Sphero Tiny Robot Ball out soon.

    As the Author are we allowed to post our own comments? Other then that I love your site. You will have to teach me how to organize my.

    Good Job

    • Thank you for your comments:
      1- I will check the duplicate “about us posts”
      2- My image in the “About Us” page wasn’t too hard.
      3- The blue writing on the sidebar, I’m afraid I cannot take any credit. That is a feature of the menu “theme” as is the size of the “font”
      4- I don’t know that we “as authors” are allowed to put any comments in the posts.
      One last thing and the most important; DO NOT GET AHEAD OF YOURSELF IN THE TRAINING, take it at your own pace without getting overwhelmed. If you need to take a lesson multiple times, do it, I have. Everything will come together like a puzzle. And, of course, I’m here to help you, as are many other affiliate members. God bless.

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